IoT Security

On the State of Internet of Things Security: Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Recent Countermeasures

In this paper, we review the state of Internet of Things (IoT) security research, with a focus on recent countermeasures that attempt to address vulnerabilities and attacks in IoT networks. Due to the fact that IoT encompasses a large range of significantly distinct environments, each of which merits their own survey, our survey focuses mainly on the smart home environment. Based on the papers surveyed, we pinpoint several challenges and open issues that have yet to be adequately addressed in the realm of IoT security research. Lastly, in order to address these open issues, we provide a list of future research directions on which we believe researchers should focus.

SecureComm 2018

Securing the Smart Home via a Two-Mode Security Framework

We present TWINKLE, a framework for smart home environments that considers the unique properties of IoT networks. TWINKLE utilizes a two-mode adaptive security model that allows an IoT device to be in regular mode for most of the time which incurs a low resource consumption rate and only when suspicious behavior is detected, switch to vigilant mode which potentially incurs a higher overhead. Our evaluations show that TWINKLE is not only friendly to resource-constrained devices, but can also successfully detect and prevent the two types of attacks, with a significantly lower overhead and detection latency than the existing systems.

ICCCN 2018

FR-WARD: Fast Retransmit as a Wary but Ample Response to Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks from the Internet of Things

We present FR-WARD, a system that defends against DDoS attacks launched from an IoT network. FR-WARD operates close to potential attack sources at the gateway of an IoT network and drops packets to throttle any DDoS traffic that attempts to leave the IoT network. However, in order to properly react to traffic too difficult to categorically label as good or bad, FR-WARD employs a novel response based on the fast retransmit and flow control mechanisms of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which minimizes the energy consumption and network latency of benign IoT devices within the policed network.

IoT S&P 2017

POSTER: Source-End DDoS Defense in IoT Environments

This paper is the poster version of FR-WARD: Fast Retransmit as a Wary but Ample Response to Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks from the Internet of Things (ICCCN 2018). This poster paper introduced the world to FR-WARD.